Saturday, January 25, 2014

I AM Enough

"God, please let everything go OK today, help Mom not to cry, and please calm my nerves," I prayed as I scurried about the house making beds and trying to throw some makeup on my face.  We just found out Rich's brother, Bob, was on his way over to see his mother for the first time in four months.  I'll spare you the details, but for whatever reason, Bob had chosen not to visit his mom since we brought her to our house from the nursing home.  Now he was on his way and I was feeling anxious and intimidated by his impending arrival.  As I flitted about making a bed, my thoughts immediately went to "I'll call ___ and ask her to pray while he is here that everything will go alright and that he'll be content with the care we have been giving his mom."  It was in that moment that God just spoke to my heart so clear and said,

"I am enough."

Talk about stopping me in my tracks!!!   

Simply put.  "I am enough." 

Instantly I felt ashamed that I hastened up a prayer of help and then didn't trust HIM for the complete calm and assurance that I know He would give. I am so guilty of wanting to share my burdens with a close friend, to ask them to pray with me, to ask them to pray for me, when I just need to trust God to be enough.  It is scriptural for others to help us bear our burdens and for others to pray for and with us (Gal 6:2 and I Tim 2:1 for starters), but this wasn't one of those moments.

So.... I answered, "Yes God, YOU are enough!"

And the visit?    Afters weeks and weeks of constant crying, fussing, and bumbling speech,  the dementia fog seem to lift a little from Mom and she recognized  Bob, was able to converse pretty clearly, had a pleasant attitude, didn't cry for almost two and a half hours, and get this.... called ME LORI!!!! Not once but TWICE!!!  (for those that haven't followed me, Mom has only said my name a few times in the almost 8 years I've been in this family).  Bob is gone now.  Right now Mom is sitting with Dad crying and having a hard time.  But oh how thankful I am that the GREAT I AM was enough, heard my hastened prayer, and gave me the desire of my heart.

Friend, is God enough for you?

Job 27:10  Will he delight himself in the Almighty?  will he always call upon God?