Tuesday, June 3, 2014

8 Years and Counting

I can't believe its been 8 years since Rich and I stood in front of God and witnesses and pledged ourselves to each other till death do us part.  Rich assured me today that he doesn't want to kill me yet and I stood in agreement with him--I don't want him to kill me yet either.  

We have been blessed to share our anniversary date with a lot of special family and friends.  Most notable are my best friends, Don and Robin who celebrated 31 years together

and my first in-laws, Gankie and Pops who, for the first time, celebrated their 47th year of marriage in heaven together.  

We've seen a few changes in our short 8 years together.  All the children have flown the coop and are being productive citizens in society.  We've grown our family with one new granddaughter and one new great-grandson.  We've gone through loss of jobs, remodeled a house, sold a house, bought a house, remodel a house, tried to make babies, said too many sad goodbyes to family and friends, experienced a few hospital stays with several surgeries, and now are providing full time care for Rich's aging parents in our home--a job that is not for the weak or for those with weak marriages!!!   I had a cousin that told me once not to marry Rich until I saw him mad.  I told her Rich and I would never be able to get married then because he just doesn't get mad.  This last year, I finally saw Rich mad (not at me) and I heard him raise his voice once (again, not at me).  I have to say, I saw my husband in a different light in those moments and I found him to be quite sexy!  Ohhhhh Yes!!!! Interestingly, Rich and I were married for three years before we ever had a disagreement--then I found it so funny that the disagreement dissipated into thin air.  We have never really truly had a fight.  Disagreements, yes, but not a fight.  

I asked Rich a few questions this evening as we shared our finely catered anniversary dinner with his parents (El Chico and I made chocolate cake for dessert).  Thought I'd share with you Rich's words of wisdom:

What is the funnest thing we do together?
     Go thrifting.

What has been the hardest thing about marriage?
     Trying to figure you out.

What has been the easiest thing about marriage?
      Sharing the same faith.

There were three things you were looking for specifically in a mate--a godly woman, a faithful tither, and what was the third?
     Good teeth?

What advice would you give to others concerning marriage?
     Make sure you know what you are doing, seek God's guidance, and get plenty of sleep.

Did you know what you were doing?
     No!  But I left it in God's hands.

Happy 8th Anniversary, my love!  I am forever grateful to a merciful God who saw fit to bring you into my life.  I love you forever Richard Nelson!

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